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Choco-Caramel Iced Coffee

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Choco-Caramel Iced Coffee

Use this Chocolate Caramel Iced Coffee recipe and get a great twist on your regular iced coffee. This mix is perfect for those hot days when you want something cold, sweet, and caffeinated. Let’s figure out what you will need and how to prepare this refreshing drink.


– 1 cup of strong brewed coffee, cooled

– 1/2 cup milk or alternative milk

– 2 tablespoons of caramel syrup

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

– Ice cubes

– Whipped cream (optional for serving)

– Chocolate chips or additional caramel syrup (optional for decoration)


Start by making your coffee a little stronger than usual, as it will be diluted a little with the ice. After brewing, let the coffee cool to room temperature or, for faster brewing, pour over ice to cool it down. After cooling, take a large glass and fill it halfway with ice cubes. Pour the chilled coffee over the ice, leaving some space on top for the finishing touches. Add caramel syrup and vanilla extract to this mixture, and mix until the coffee acquires a golden hue and smell. Add milk or a milk alternative to the mix, which will swirl beautifully in the coffee, creating a satisfying visual effect. For the final touch, sprinkle some chocolate chips or drizzle with caramel syrup. Grab a straw, stir gently to combine all the ingredients one last time, and enjoy your homemade iced coffee.


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