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Classic Espresso

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Classic Espresso

If there is one coffee preparation that is the purest expression of the rich and robust essence of coffee, it is the classic espresso. Originating in Italy, this method has traveled across continents, finding its way into the hearts of caffeine fans everywhere. Now it’s your turn to master this time-honored drink.


– Freshly ground espresso beans (7-9 grams per serving)

– Filtered water


To prepare the perfect classic espresso, start with your espresso machine heated to the optimal brewing temperature. This usually means that the machine should warm up within 15-25 minutes.

While the machine is heating up, select a high-quality blend of espresso beans, preferably freshly roasted. Grind the beans to a fine, almost powdery consistency, which is characteristic of espresso. You will need about 7 to 9 grams of ground beans for one serving. Make sure your soil is the same size to help it spin evenly.

Then take the portafilter and fill it with freshly ground coffee. Tamp the ground evenly and firmly; Constant tamping pressure is key to avoid channeling, where water bypasses the coffee, resulting in under-extraction.

Rinse the group head with a quick stream of water before inserting the portafilter to clean any remaining scale and ensure a consistent brewing temperature. Lock the portafilter in place, start shooting and watch the clock. The correct shot of espresso should be poured within 25-30 seconds. As the espresso begins to flow, look for “crema” – the golden-brown foam at the top of the shot that indicates a well-brewed espresso.

After finishing the shot, your espresso should have a thick foam, which indicates a good extraction. Serve immediately to enjoy the full range of classic espresso flavors. Once you take a sip, you’ll understand why this method has stood the test of time – a tiny cup full of complex flavors, velvety texture and pure coffee punch.

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