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Flat White

Flat White

Flat White is a coffee drink that has become incredibly popular among fans thanks to its balanced taste and creamy texture. Hailing from Australia or New Zealand (there’s a friendly rivalry over its origins), it fills the gap between lattes and cappuccinos. The perfect flat white is characterized by a velvety microfoam that blends gently with a strong espresso base, creating a harmonious combination of flavors that coffee lovers cannot fail to enjoy. Let’s dive into cooking your own delicious flat white right at home!


– 18 g of freshly ground coffee (for making a double shot of espresso)

– 150 ml of whole milk (for better foam)


To make a flat white, start by making a double shot of espresso in a mug or glass. This will become a rich and strong base for your drink. Next, pay attention to milk. Pour whole milk into a container suitable for steaming and heat it using the steam tube. Your goal is to create velvety microfoams in the milk, which are essentially very tiny bubbles that give the milk a glossy, smooth texture without allowing it to become too airy or bubbly. Once your milk is at the right consistency and temperature (not too hot, you’re aiming for around 60-65°C so it stays sweet and doesn’t scald), it’s time to combine it with the espresso. Tilt the cup slightly and pour the steamed milk directly into the espresso, starting at a low height and then raising it higher as you pour. This technique allows the milk to mix well with the espresso while maintaining the desired amount of foam on top. Aim for a ratio that accentuates the flavor of the coffee while adding the creaminess of the milk without overpowering it. If done right, your flat white will have a thin layer of microfoam on top and have a strong coffee flavor with a creamy undertone. Enjoy your expertly crafted cup of flat white and enjoy the wonderful balance of flavors!


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