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How To Make Lungo Coffee?

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How To Make Lungo Coffee?

Lungo coffee is an Italian variant of coffee that offers a longer extraction time compared to traditional espresso. This method uses more water, resulting in a milder taste while maintaining the richness of a good espresso. Lungo, which means “long” in Italian, means an extended brewing time, which distinguishes it from other types of coffee.


– 18 grams of medium roast coffee beans

– 110-120 ml of hot water


First, make sure your espresso machine is properly heated and ready to brew. When the machine is preheated, measure out 18 grams of medium-dark coffee beans. Grind these beans to a coarser consistency than for standard espresso. This coarser grind will help achieve the desired extraction rate for lungo coffee. Then transfer the ground coffee into the portafilter, making sure it is evenly distributed. Smooth out the coffee grounds by gently brushing the surface with a flat surface. After leveling, use a rammer to press the soil firmly and evenly. This step is critical to ensure even extraction and prevent any under- or over-extracted areas. After tamping the grounds, fix the portafilter in the head of the coffee machine group.

Start the brewing process. Start the extraction and let the coffee brew for about 45-60 seconds. This longer extraction time compared to espresso will result in approximately 110-120ml of coffee. The extended brewing time allows more water to pass through the coffee grounds, capturing different flavor compounds and producing a smoother, more nuanced coffee.

At the end of the brewing time, stop the suction and remove the portafilter. You now have cava lango, which should be milder and less intense than a traditional espresso. Pour the lungo coffee into an appropriate cup and serve immediately. Optionally, you can add milk or sweetener to enhance the taste according to your preference.


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