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Ristretto Coffee Recipe

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Ristretto Coffee Recipe

Ristretto, the Italian term for “restricted” or “limited,” is a short and intense espresso shot with a concentrated flavor. It uses less water than a regular espresso, resulting in a richer taste.


– 18-20 grams of freshly ground dark roast coffee beans

– 15-20 ml of filtered water


Ensure your espresso machine is clean. Use high-quality dark roast coffee beans. Grind the beans to a very fine consistency, finer than for a standard espresso. Measure 18-20 grams of ground coffee and place it in the portafilter. Distribute the coffee evenly and tamp it down firmly and evenly. Lock the portafilter into the machine.

Adjust the machine to restrict the water flow. Aim to extract 15-20 ml of water through the grounds. Start the extraction process and let hot water pass through the coffee grounds for 15-20 seconds. The result should be a small, concentrated shot of coffee.

Pour the ristretto into a pre-warmed cup to keep it hot. Serve immediately to enjoy the rich, concentrated flavor. The ristretto should have a thick crema on top.

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