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Siphon Coffee

Siphon Coffee

Siphon Coffee is a unique method that uses a device known as a siphon or vacuum coffee maker to brew coffee by creating a vacuum that forces water through the coffee grounds. Here’s how to do it:


– Fresh coffee beans (20 grams)

– Water (300 ml)

– Optional: sugar or cream


Start by grinding the coffee beans to a fine consistency. Fill the lower chamber of the siphon with 300 ml of water and place it on a heat source. As it heats up, the water will move into the upper chamber.

Add the ground coffee to the water in the upper chamber when all the water has risen. Stir briefly to completely absorb the slurry and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Turn off the heat to allow the water to cool slightly, creating a vacuum that pulls the brewed coffee through the filter into the lower chamber. The coffee grounds remain in the upper chamber.

Serve coffee from the lower chamber. Add sugar or cream if desired. This method extracts aromas and oils from the coffee, resulting in a clean and aromatic cup.

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