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Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a unique and traditional way of preparing coffee that originates from Turkey. It is famous for its strong taste, thick foam on top, and unfiltered brewing method, which allows the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup. To prepare Turkish coffee, you will need finely ground coffee, water, sugar to taste and, if desired, cardamom to add flavor. The basis of its preparation is the use of a special pot called a jezva.

To begin, measure cold water with the coffee cup you plan to drink from and pour it into the pot. Add one full teaspoon of finely ground coffee per cup of water to the pot. If you like your coffee sweet, add the sugar at this stage by mixing it with the cold water and coffee grounds before heating. For a touch of piquancy, you can also add a pinch of ground cardamom. Put the kettle on a low heat and watch carefully as the coffee slowly heats up. The key is to get the coffee mixture hot enough to foam, but not to boil. When the foam rises, shortly before boiling, remove the jezva from the heat. Pour a little foam into each serving cup, then place the cezva on the fire. Allow it to start frothing again, then evenly fill the cups with the remaining coffee, including the foam. Serve immediately and allow a minute or so for the mixture to settle before enjoying.

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