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Toddy Cold Brew System Overview

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Toddy Cold Brew System Overview

The heart of the Toddy Cold Brew System lies in its thoughtful design and durable build quality, aspects that can often be overlooked in coffee equipment. The main brewing container of the system is made of durable food-grade plastic that is BPA-free and resistant to wear and tear during regular use. This attention to material safety and durability ensures that users can enjoy their cold brew system for years without fear of contamination or component degradation.

The carafe, an equally important part of this system, is made of durable glass that not only withstands low temperatures in the refrigerator but also serves as an elegant serving vessel. Having the measuring marks on the side of the carafe is a detail that cannot be overstated as it helps users achieve the exact dilution rate of the concentrate, which is a crucial step in creating the perfect cup of cold beer.

Another important component is the reusable felt filter. Unlike disposable paper filters, which contribute to waste and can strip essential oils from coffee, Toddy’s felt filter is designed to be reused, preserving the rich coffee profile and flavor. In addition, this filter, combined with a rubber stopper, guarantees clean beer without sediment, underscoring the system’s commitment to both quality and sustainability.

Enhanced Ease Of Use

The ease of use of the Toddy Cold Brew System is one of its most appealing features, making cold brewing accessible to beginners and seasoned coffee enthusiasts alike. The system simplifies the brewing process to the basic elements: coffee grounds, water and time. The start of the process involves adding a measured amount of coarsely ground coffee to the bottom of the brewing container, followed by a certain amount of water. 

The instructions included with the system are simple and easy to follow, demystifying the ratios and timing required to achieve different strength profiles. These guidelines are invaluable for those new to cold brewing and provide a solid foundation for further setup and experimentation.

The brewing process itself is extremely easy. Once the brew is set, there is no need to stir, check, or adjust. This approach to passive brewing is ideal for those with busy lifestyles or those who prefer to avoid the fuss and mess associated with more labor-intensive methods of brewing coffee. This allows the coffee to steep slowly at room temperature or in the refrigerator, producing a soft, aromatic concentrate without the bitterness and high acidity characteristic of hot coffee.

After the brewing time is over, the system allows you to easily separate the coffee concentrate from the grounds. Removing the rubber stopper allows the liquid to flow freely into the decanter, a process that, while slow, ensures that the filtrate is clear and free of slag. This patient approach to brewing results in a concentrate that is versatile and can be enjoyed on its own or diluted with water or milk to taste.

Productivity And Quality Of Coffee

The coffee concentrate is noticeably less acidic than its hot-brewed counterparts, making it milder and more palatable for those sensitive to coffee’s natural acidity. The taste is rich and rich, conveying the essence of coffee beans without the bitterness often associated with traditional brewing methods.

Another notable aspect of the Toddy system is its versatility. The concentrate can be diluted with hot water for those who prefer their coffee warm, offering a less acidic alternative to conventional hot brewing methods. In addition, the concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks without noticeable loss of flavor, making it a great option for those who want to prepare their coffee in advance.


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